About Me

Hi, I’m Yalc.
I’m a Crafter. Some people call me an omnicrafter. I have over three dozen crafting hobbies.
Previously, I would make crafts for friends at cost.
Now I’ve decided to add a small level of profit in order to test to see if this hobby can become a small business for my future retirement.

I’m not Amazon so I’ll make and ship things when I can, usually the weekend, and they’ll arrive within a week of being shipped if ordered domestically.
I have a full time job and can only dedicate my weekends and some evenings to this. But I hope you’ll enjoy what you get.

All sales final, no returns.
If your order is damaged in transit, notify me with photographic proof and I will send a replacement free of charge.

I also have a Ko-fi and Instagram you can follow.
You can find all my profiles here: